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Love ice cream, but don’t love the side effects of the chemicals, additives, high fructose corn syrup, and sugar in the stuff from the store? Hope shows you how easy it is to make fresh, healthy ice cream with raw milk, stevia, organic sugar, a free range egg, and Young Living orange essential oil. You can use whatever flavor or essential oil (be sure it is labelled for internal use) you like. We top our ice cream with a homemade chocolate sauce made with real butter, cocoa powder, raw honey, stevia, and a dab of raw heavy cream. Enjoy summer, enjoy dessert, and enjoy health!

Hope Hinterkopf is the daughter of Hans Hinterkopf, who specializes in Functional Integrative Medicine at his practice Health in Harmony west of Nashville, TN. His passion is helping people get and stay healthy so they can live the life they dream of without being limited by health challenges. To find out how Hans can help you conquer chronic illness, autoimmune disease, or recover from symptoms you thought you had to live with, contact us.

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