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About Hans Hinterkopf, PA-C

Do you feel hopeless, helpless and full of uncertainty when it comes to your health struggles?


Do you wish there was someone to listen, explain, and give you a path to resolve your  issues?


If you are going to invest time and money into solving your struggles, you deserve a practitioner who will thoughtfully explain things and diligently pursue personalized solutions.


Hans is a licensed Physician Assistant with 18 years of experience.  He has helped tens of thousands of patients.

By significantly cutting overhead, and reducing staff to just himself and his wife, Hans is able to offer the same expertise and skills he applied in a high-demand Functional Medicine office in a smaller, more affordable model.

During his earlier career spanning cardiology, emergency and inpatient hospital medicine, and pediatrics, Hans saw the shortcomings in the disease care system, how people were not getting well, the side effects of treatments, and how he was just a dispenser for pharmaceuticals.

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  When his wife and son struggled with health issues that conventional medicine could not solve or explain, he learned how it feels to go through the revolving door of the medical industry, feeling broken and hopeless and without answers.  Hans began to branch out from traditional medicine and found functional integrative medicine, which looks at the root cause of health issues and incorporates lifestyle, nutrition, and alternative therapies.  He ultimately found healing for his family and he now offers the same drive to find solutions and healing for his patients.

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  Hans is Board certified by the Institute of Functional Medicine with special focus on brain health, neurocognitive decline, autoimmune, chronic infections, gut health and healing with nutrition, biotoxin and mold related illnesses.  Hans has helped very sick and  complicated patients show significant improvement.


Hans’s Certifications

  • Physician Assistant

  • Certified GAPS practitioner (nutritional gut healing protocol)

  • Institute of Functional Medicine board certified

  • Dr. Amen certified practitioner (brain health)

  • Bredesen protocol trained (reversing cognitive decline)


After following Hans' instructions, I am more energetic, more productive, and enjoying more vibrant health. My wife literally told him, "Thank you for giving me my husband back."

Matt, TN