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Are you tired of suffering and wasting time and money on treatments that are ineffective or even harmful?

Are your relationships stressed and productivity reduced due to your health?

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We see all ages

All visits may be in office, some are available via telehealth

Brain Health and Mental Clarity

Dementia and Memory Recode Protocol

Autoimmune and Chronic Disease

Holistic Approach for a whole body solution

Digestive and GI health

Nutritional and Supplemental therapy for true healing

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Optimize health and reduce disease risk

Journey to Health

Functional Medicine Package


Value $3400 

You pay only $2000

  • Interest free financing help is available here.
  • Complete initial intake visit and 5 additional follow up visits
  • Access to patient portal for easy, free communication directly with your provider
  • Supplement discounts, up to 20%
  • 5 complementary BEMER therapy sessions
  • What we treat:

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Bioidentical Hormones Package

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Functional Medicine Pay per visit

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Quick Care Visit  $85

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I felt absolutely hopeless about our family's health. I had excruciating pain and my baby hadn't slept well in months. Hans quickly put his finger on the root of the problem and the solutions he offered me were fast and practical, giving me immediate relief, hope, and a clear plan forward.

Trina, TX

My health had deteriorated to the point that I could no longer work due to chronic pain, and I was weary of living. Following the recommendations Hans made transformed my health.

Dr. MarthaMI

Hans was able to pinpoint the source of my wife’s illness when no one else was giving us any answers, other than throwing pills at symptoms. Because of Hans, my wife and I have hope for a healthy and happy future.


Hans has been instrumental in my husband's recovery from a traumatic bicycle accident. I am so grateful for his expertise in a variety of natural wellness techniques.

Dr. Mary Starr Carter